Solar panel tariffs threaten to increase customer cost and slow growth, but the industry remains opt

Fees on solar panel imports imposed this week by the Trump administration threaten to increase customer costs and cut solar energy growth by as much as 11% over the next five years, but the industry remains optimistic that the roadblock will be temporary. The new tariffs probably will add about $650 to the average solar power system a homeowner would buy, said Bernadette Del Chiaro, executive director of the Solar Energy Industries Assn. But the added cost is unlikely to stop consumers and businesses from going solar or force solar companies out of business, she said. "I think in the long run, there's no turning back," Del Chiaro said. "Consumers have already gotten a taste of what it means

Green Solar Technologies Announces Commitment to Raise Funds and Awareness for St. Jude Children’s R

Beginning February 1, 2017 through January 31, 2018, Green Solar Technologies a company Nicki Zvik Co founded with Shay Yavor , Inc. will raise funds and awareness for the lifesaving mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® Beginning February 1, 2017 through January 31, 2018, Green Solar Technologies, Inc. will raise funds and awareness for the lifesaving mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® by donating $100 to St. Jude for every solar panel installation with a minimum fundraising commitment of $50,000. Green Solar Technologies, Inc. currently operates in 19 states, installing 1000+ solar installations each year. “We at Green Solar have always understood that customers

Solar is a Smart Investment for Retirement

Homeowners have many options when looking to secure a financial future for retirement, but many do not realize that installing solar for your home can be one of the smartest retirement options available Solar power reduces the cost of electricity to almost nothing, and can free up thousands of dollars every year. Nationwide companies like Green Solar Technologies offer $0 - down, low interest solar loans so homeowners can take advantage this investment strategy without a large cash down payment. To ensure financial stability, homeowners planning for their retirement generally invest in lower-risk options. The unfortunate fact that many have discovered is that the markets can be unpredictable

International Trade Dispute Could Cast Shade on Solar Industry

On Tuesday, SolarWorld and Suniva, two major solar panel manufacturers, will be petitioning the International Trade Commission (ITC) to impose tariffs on all foreign panels The co-complainants are claiming that foreign panel manufacturers have been dumping their products - selling goods at or below cost in order to drive out competition in an effort to gain market share - into the U.S. If the ITC decides that dumping has occurred, it will recommend to the President to impose a tariff on solar panels. This could have major ramifications throughout the solar industry. Some companies are, understandably, petitioning against the ITC to impose a tariff. These companies rely on cheap, imported mat

Green Solar Technologies - Nevada Brings Net-Metering To Solar Homes

The decision arrived in June to restore conditions for solar-powered homes after utility regulators voted to nullify net-metering credits and increase fees on all residential solar customers. Now, after hundreds of solar worker layoffs and several installers pulling out of the state, the prospects for homeowners to go solar are bright again. Over the course of the next year, the solar market in Nevada is expected to increase exponentially as homeowners in search of renewable energy alternatives become aware of this victory for solar power prospects. With the signing of Assembly Bill 405 by Governor Brian Sandoval, customers of solar not only have net-metering restored to their solar energy s

Real Estate Investor Offers Expert Advice on Flipping Homes

There are few in the industry with more experience in flipping residential properties than Nicki Zvik. Having done this countless times, it's no surprise he is often sought out for his advice. Specifically, he was recently quoted in an article discussing the best ways to create a set system to ensure repeated success in flipping real estate. When asked about the importance of monitoring the details of any project, Zvik explained, "I've seen everything in this business so nothing shocks me anymore. I generally assume that contractors will try to cut every corner possible to save money. It's natural. You have to make sure to examine every part of the job at every stage of the job. Also, the mo

Why Real Estate Is a Great Investment

Even if there is uncertainty in the market or economy as a whole, choosing to invest in real estate can be a great decision. Real estate provides a number of benefits not received through other investments. Returns Are Better than Stock Market The stock market can be very volatile and the risk never really changes, no matter when you are investing. In real estate, however, the risk of loss is usually minimized when you hold onto your property for longer. If the real estate market crashes, once it improves the value of the home improves. Tangible Asset Value With real estate, there is a tangible asset value. Investing in the stock market can result in the price of your stock zeroing out, whil

Why Real Estate Is a Great Investment

It is said that there is only one thing worse than going to Las Vegas and losing your money. That is, going to Las Vegas and winning. When the stakes are high and your money is in something that is not very liquid and you get one big break and everything ends up as you planned, it is quite easy to start planning your next real estate venture on an even more increased scale. Instead, you're going to want to stick with your strengths. You're going to want to stay the course of a really long time before you branch out into bigger and "better" levels of real estate. How do you stay focused when you want to experiment and try out and use other forms of real estate investing right away? One of the

Buying American: Green Solar on the Section 201 case

Was very excited to have Green solar Technologies COO interviewed. In this interview, Green Solar Technologies Chief Operating Officer Edward Harner talks about why his company has chosen to back the Suniva/SolarWorld Section 201 petition. This is the second interview in a series that pv magazine USA is conducting with companies involved in the Section 201 trade case, featuring voices both for and against strong trade action. The first interview with Strata Solar Senior VP Brian O’Hara can be read here. Edward Harner: To me, the biggest issue is that as far as solar adoption in the world, America is near the top of the countries that have the most PV systems installed. But the kind of panels

Green Solar Technologies, a Top Nationwide Solar Company, Expanding to Texas

Appeared in the Star Tribune Green Solar Technologies, a leading energy technology company, announced their expansion into the Texas market to help home- and business-owners gain energy independence with high-quality American-made solar panels. The company, headquartered in Los Angeles with subsidiaries in San Jose and San Diego, is best known for its affordable rates and innovative strategies that help customers cut their electricity costs immediately and own their systems outright, rather than just buying their electricity from a utility or solar provider. ‘Texas is a great state and we are planning on bringing green energy and jobs to the community’, said Nicki Zvik, President and owner o

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