Co-Founders Nicki Zvik and Shay Yavor Launch Spectrum Properties LLC

Spectrum Properties Are Experts in Residential Value-Add Properties North hollywood, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/20/2018 -- Spectrum Properties, a real estate investment and development company based in Los Angeles, was started by two partners with vast experience in construction and renewable energy. Spectrum specializes in the purchase of properties that can be developed into properties with additional dwelling units (ADUs) - a value added type of real estate investment that yields far greater returns than other forms of residential development projects. Founders Nicki Zvik and Shay Yavor both served in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Zvik was a paratrooper in the Airborne division; Yavor

How To Limit The Risks in Real Estate Investment

It was a pleasure being ask for my opinion about Real-estate investment . Investing in real estate can yield impressive returns. Real estate is a great way to expand a portfolio or diversify the investor’s holdings. While real estate investments are appealing, at the same time they hold risks that can lead to unwanted loss. This is why it is important for anyone who is thinking about investing in real estate to understand how to minimize their risks and preserve their capital. Limiting real estate risks means many things including reducing the risk of losing money when selling. It also means making sure that the property isn’t one that may cause the owner to be on the hook for problems such

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