Spectrum Properties Founder Nicki Zvik Says Future of ADUs is Unclear

Founder of Spectrum Properties, Nicki Zvik, notes that the foundation of a strong real estate rental space relies heavily on ADUs. In a memo to staff which Spectrum Properties published, Zvik acknowledged that this past year has been huge for ADUs and that Spectrum has been expanding as a direct result. "The coming year won't be a cake walk, but I can clearly see the path to a great future for Spectrum Properties," Nicki Zvik wrote. The City of Los Angeles has been unclear as to how long adding ADUs to existing homes will be allowed. Municipal restrictions on the construction of ADUs is a potential obstacle Spectrum Properties will need to plan for and be prepared to face head-on. "In 2018,

The Current State of Solar Energy in the U.S.

Solar energy is undeniably the superior alternative to carbon, and underscoring this point, some U.S. states are actively working toward replacing their fossil fuel consumption with renewable energy resources, particularly solar. Anticipating future increases in demand for solar installations in these states, Green Solar Technologies is expanding its infrastructure. Here we'll take a look at states that are dedicated to or that are likely to dedicate to a renewable energy future Let's start with Hawaii as it was, not surprisingly, the first state to commit to using 100 percent renewable energy. Hawaii is a state with a surplus of sunshine and wind and a critical scarcity of fossil fuels. Haw

Green Solar Technologies in Favor of Solar Tariffs

"Made in America". This label (or the alternative "Made in the USA"), proudly displayed on a product, delivers a special message to the consumer. It says "This product is of the highest quality and meets strict U.S. safety standards." According to Consumer Reports, almost 8 in 10 American consumers say they would rather buy an American-made product than an imported one. Buying a product made in America instills a special confidence in the purchaser while also supporting the U.S. economy and the American workforce. Green Solar Technologies (GST) strongly supports buying American-made products. In fact, GST is the only solar company that fought in favor of the solar tariffs. The company stands

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