Future of ADUs is Unclear

Founder of Spectrum Properties, Nicki Zvik, notes that the foundation of a strong real estate rental space relies heavily on ADUs. In a memo to staff which Spectrum Properties published, Zvik acknowledged that this past year has been huge for ADUs and that Spectrum has been expanding as a direct result. "The coming year won't be a cake walk, but I can clearly see the path to a great future for Spectrum Properties," Nicki Zvik wrote. The City of Los Angeles has been unclear as to how long adding ADUs to existing homes will be allowed. Municipal restrictions on the construction of ADUs is a potential obstacle Spectrum Properties will need to plan for and be prepared to face head-on. "In 2018,

NASA's use of solar energy is encouraging for the solar industry

LOS ANGELES, May 6, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Operating satellites, space stations, and other orbiting vehicles beyond earth's atmosphere poses many technological challenges, not the least of which is implementing adequate, sustainable power sources. NASA 's solution to the power issue, with the help of its Advanced Energy: Photovoltaics division, is solar energy. Solar energy is the most effective and efficient means of powering NASA's technological marvels. These orbiting objects, including the International Space Station (ISS) use the same types of photovoltaic (PV) solar panel arrays that we use on Earth's surface in our rooftop solar panel systems, to convert the sun's energy into enou

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