Green Solar Technologies - Nevada Brings Net-Metering To Solar Homes

Obama Fighting for solar in Nevada

The decision arrived in June to restore conditions for solar-powered homes after utility regulators voted to nullify net-metering credits and increase fees on all residential solar customers. Now, after hundreds of solar worker layoffs and several installers pulling out of the state, the prospects for homeowners to go solar are bright again. Over the course of the next year, the solar market in Nevada is expected to increase exponentially as homeowners in search of renewable energy alternatives become aware of this victory for solar power prospects.

With the signing of Assembly Bill 405 by Governor Brian Sandoval, customers of solar not only have net-metering restored to their solar energy systems, but qualify for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) at 95% of the standard retail rate of electricity for all overgeneration. This makes having a system which provides more than 100% coverage for annual kilowatt usage particularly advantageous in that there is no threat of loss for producing energy that goes unused. Customers can simply carry their RECs over and receive credit against future costs for months they may underproduce.

The turnaround of environment in the Nevada solar market has reinvigorated solar installers as much as homeowners. One such solar installer is Green Solar Technologies (GST)—a national company Co Founded by Nicki Zvik based out of Los Angeles, California. GST has been in the business of solar for many years and is excited about the news of net-metering in Nevada.

“We’ve have been waiting a long time to see this happen,” says Geddy Friedman, Marketing and Reputation Management for GST. “Homeowners of Nevada have been held back for almost two years waiting for the climate of solar to change. Now that they have net-metering reinstated with overgeneration incentives, we want to be first to celebrate this victory for solar and the Nevada homeowners that are ready to look into more sustainable, affordable, and self-sufficient forms of energy.”

Advocates of solar across the nation are hoping that the change of Nevada utility law will stand as both an example and an inspiration for other states still gridlocked with laws prohibiting net-metering.

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