Green Solar Technologies, a Top Nationwide Solar Company, Expanding to Texas

Appeared in the Star Tribune

Green Solar Technologies, a leading energy technology company, announced their expansion into the Texas market to help home- and business-owners gain energy independence with high-quality American-made solar panels. The company, headquartered in Los Angeles with subsidiaries in San Jose and San Diego, is best known for its affordable rates and innovative strategies that help customers cut their electricity costs immediately and own their systems outright, rather than just buying their electricity from a utility or solar provider.

‘Texas is a great state and we are planning on bringing green energy and jobs to the community’, said Nicki Zvik, President and owner of Green Solar Technologies. Backed with supporting data from The National Renewable Energy Laboratory shows that Texas, using only 34% of its region, can generate a full 22,786,750 million kWh annually of solar power, which is more than any other state. The state has the largest solar and wind potential in the country. And solar farms are more cost effective in West Texas, where installation levels are greater.

There are also other advantages to the expansion to Texas; 'it will be bringing approximately 70 new clean green jobs to the Dallas market. We are currently seeking a Director of Operations to oversee the Dallas market expansion', said Zvik. Green Solar Technologies is proud to have just been awarded the “Your Customers Love You on Yelp!” award and look forward to continue providing the best customer service possible with the new Dallas expansion. We will be able to provide longer customer service hours across the time zones to the east and west.

'Future expansions are planned for Arizona and Georgia, with focus on the commercial market', said Zvik. Of course, growth brings challenges. Licensing, for one, is difficult to come by and each state has its own processes for solar and energy efficiency. Nonetheless, Zvik believes Green Solar Technologies will triumph. GST has recently revamped its website in preparation for this expansion, which now provides an educational blog, summary of how solar technology works, core product descriptions, and guidance for both commercial and residential buyers.

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